Analyze inauthentic Twitter activity

Identify and analyze inauthentic content amplification behaviour to inform decisions in real time.

Bot discovery
& analysis

Comprehensive multi-model AI solution supported by global RLHF team


The Veritas API allows users to analyze inauthentic social media patterns across multiple industries.

Public Health

Mitigating the spread of disinformation in relation to public health, pandemics, epidemics and other crises.


Mitigating the spread of false information about  pharmaceutical interventions such as vaccines.


Mitigating and responding to false information in relation to elections, public data and government policies.

Public Safety

Early response to disinformation in relation to natural disasters. accidents and terrorist attacks.


Veritas consumes AAICO Graphene Tokens proportional to the complexity of the specific API request

Free trial
  • Single user
  • Throttled results
  • Limited support
  • Multiple users
  • Uncapped speed
  • Premium support
  • Multi-thread
  • Customization

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